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  1. i've been by the dealer a couple of times and noticed that their 2019 Edges have pools of water on the front hood where the indentation is. Granted, the cars are on a slight incline but this seems to me to be a design oversight. the angle seems to be such that if the car is on even slightly inclined, then water will pool. have any of you with a 2019 found this to be an issue?
  2. I've searched the web a bit and can find bits and pieces of information but I was wondering if there is a comprehensive list of the things you can modify on the Edge with the Forscan software. If such a list does not exist, how about a thread where people can add specific settings that are modifiable and ask about ones that haven't been mentioned yet. There are loads of little things that I would love to improve (from my subjective viewpoint) on the edge but I don't want to buy the OBD unit and spend time learning about the software if none of the things I want to do are possible. An example of one extremely insignificant setting would be the number of flashes the turn-signal makes when you just tap the stalk. Three is simply not enough. I would like at least six or more. I know perfectly well that that I can simply hold the stalk and that this is really nit-picking but these are the types of details I'm thinking about and I'm just curious to know how much I can mod the car. Another thing is that this car makes more beeps, bings, and gongs than a video game. They're annoying and ridiculous and I don't even pay attention to them anymore. I'd love to reduce or even eliminate some of them.
  3. ben senise

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    i've seen pics of the stock grill sprayed with matte black Plasti Dip or similar. not too much of an investment and if you don't like the results, just peel it off.
  4. ^^^ exactly this. ford is a MASSIVE global company. they don't listen to their customers. if you don't like what you see, buy something else. the way things are today, i won't be replacing my 2nd edge with a 3rd. vote with your wallet.
  5. I have used bosch icons for years and had them on many vehicles including my last edge, an '09. now it seems like it's impossible to find the right blades of any brand. i bought a set of Bosch Icon 28A and B, supposedly A for the driver's side and B for the passenger's side. The clips weren't the same as on the car. The wiper arms are basically like a stick. no U-shaped hook at the end like the old ones. I took them back no problem but now i'm wondering if the 28AOE and BOE will work. i'm not sure. and on top of that, the store only carries the AOE and no BOE. they are asymetric so i can't (shouldn't) put the same one on both sides. here's the funny business: the bosch website states only the 28BOE is for the 2016 edge but they're asymetric the packaging clearly shows A for driver's side and B for passenger side. a local car part chain's website states: A type blades for U - hook style arms and B type blades are for pin arms and flat blades which is totally BS I don't want to order from amazon in case i get the wrong blades and they don't fit. has anyone here bought bosch icons? if so, what part number fit on your 2nd gen edge?
  6. i usually get about two years out of mine. winters here on the left coast are fairly mild by canadian standards. car is garaged and rarely left parked in the sun. car has 40,000 km in just over three years.
  7. thanks for the info. i was just thinking that i'll probably put on a new set before winter.
  8. can you post a pic to show what you mean?
  9. ben senise

    Snow ability

    in my experience, the greatest factor in snow performance is the choice of tires. i remember people complaining that their BMW X5 sucked in the snow and i found out that they were using summer tires. four-wheel drive or not, summer tires do not work in the snow. neither do all-season tires. what kind of tires did you have on the fusion? if they weren't winter tires then that is why the car was horrendous. i have a 2016 edge Ti AWD 3.5 with michelin latitude x-ice and the car performs fantastically in the snow. we had a very big dump of snow last winter and the small roads don't get plowed. there was a good 20 cm of snow on the road and i just cruised right through it on curvy roads and hills. no problem at all. of course one has to adapt their driving to the conditions.
  10. ben senise

    Did someone had to ORDER their Edge?

    although i like the new ones, if you offered to give me either set, i would take the '16 ones. i really like those ones. let me know if you want to get rid of them
  11. ben senise

    Did someone had to ORDER their Edge?

    looks gorgeous. hope you enjoy it for many years to come.
  12. okay, got it. thanks. i misunderstood.
  13. are you saying that the climate control was not functioning or just that you didn't see it displayed on the panel? i have noticed that when remote starting the car, the various indicators like seat heating and AC don't light up but the seats are warm or the AC is working. it's bizarre and i've wondered why this is so but it is what it is.
  14. ben senise

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    the ford.ca (i'm in canada) website lists the following sizes for the SEL, SE, Titanium, and ST respectively: 245 60/18 245 55/19 245 50/20 265 40/21 as you can see, there are four different wheel diameters available. They all have a tire diameter of 29.6" except for the ST which has a diameter of 29.3" the car's dynamics are very much affected by wheel diameter, offset, and tire width. braking for example is much less effective with a larger diameter tire. simple physics and geometry. ABS, traction, stability are all affected by geometry that is different than stock. it may be true that the internal parameters in the system may have different settings but for the purpose of the OP's question, he does not need to change anything for the new tires if he got tires that are a standard factory size.
  15. ben senise

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    the whole idea of larger wheels is that the tire has a shorter sidewall and conversely, the smaller wheels have tires with taller sidewalls. the overall diameter, and thus the circumference, is the same on all edges from the factory no matter what the wheel size is. go to https://tiresize.com/calculator/ and plug the old and the new tire/wheel sizes into the tire comparison tab. that will give you the circumference which should be the same. if it's the same then the wheel will rotate the same number of times in a given distance and your odometer and speedometer will be correct.
  16. ben senise

    Did someone had to ORDER their Edge?

    looks great claude. congratulations. wasn't such a long wait after all
  17. ben senise

    Car theft experiences?

    i have arlo cameras. you can set up the hub and/or your phone to make an alarm when the cameras detect motion. you can also set up zone on the camera so it only activates when people step onto your property but not walking by on the sidewalk. plus it's free to record and it's stored for 7 days.
  18. ben senise

    Double Honk when Locking

    ah, i assumed that you meant lock for both cases. so you're saying that it double honks when you unlock it? it isn't even supposed to honk at all with a single tap to lock it. just out of curiosity, i went to my garage and opened the hood of my edge. i clicked on lock and no honk. i unlocked and no honk. so i doubt it's that. i have had cars in the past that used the honk when locking to indicate a fault with the alarm system. i'm wondering if that's the same with the edge.
  19. ben senise

    Double Honk when Locking

    i assume you mean "locking" the car rather than unlocking as you have written. from the user manual: Mislock If any door or the luggage compartment is open, or if the hood is open on vehicles with an anti-theft alarm or remote start, the horn sounds twice and the direction indicators do not flash. You can switch this feature on or off in the information display. have you checked the hood and hatch?
  20. ben senise

    Hi guys, Italy here!

  21. ben senise

    Is the basic sound system amplified?

    all sound systems are amplified. otherwise you wouldn't get any sound. the question is how much i.e. how many watts.
  22. ben senise

    Hi guys, Italy here!

    i stopped by a ford dealer in barcelona a few years ago to check out the euro-edge. i liked many of the features like fog lights and the stainless strip across the sill under the back lift gate. ours are cheapo plastic. i also liked the placement of the LED "signature lights" around the headlamp assembly much better than down on the bumper that we have here. be sure to post some pics when you get it. i'd also like to know what reaction you get when driving it. i think it's still pretty rare in europe, no?
  23. ben senise

    2016 Edge Transmission Hard Shifting

    i never tried disconnecting the battery. i just let the dealer deal with it.
  24. ben senise

    2016 Edge Transmission Hard Shifting

    maybe the OP didn't but i did. at my last service, they reset the memory or programming for the transmission and that did the trick. transmission is back to normal now. apparently disconnecting the battery is not enough. it has to be done with their computer.
  25. ben senise

    Mileage when taking delivery

    wow, i had no idea that the engine controller was that smart. so i guess the take away is that if you take an ST for a test drive, don't be surprised that it's slow?