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Remote Start Kit Series 200 Plug & Play

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Hi. I'm considering the Remote Start Kit Series 200 from Ford that comes with perimeter security for my Edge SEL 2013. The question I have is if with that kit installed I would be able to stop using the factory FOB (key) at all and always use the FOB that comes with the kit. I imagine it would be a little bulky to carry both FOBs... Perhaps I can hide the factory FOB inside the car in case that I have any issue (dead battery, etc.) with the Remote Start FOB (and use the door keypad to open the car). What would be the best thing to do to avoid having to carry both FOBs?

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Your vehicle comes with an Integrated Keyhead Transmitters (IKT), basically the key & FOB are a single unit.


If you want Remote start+ Alarm, I would suggest any of the following two routes:

First option:

Install the Remote Start System - 100 Series Plug-N-Play, which would replace your "IKT" with another one that includes a start button. And install the Ford Vehicle Security System - Alarm which would Arm/Disarm using the same "IKT" that unlocks/locks your doors. Thisoption, if possible, would give you the best "Factory look/function".


Second option:

Install the same Remote Start Kit Series 200 you mentioned, but you can buy regular Ford PATS key (without the FOB integrated) & use it with the new FOB from the series 200 kit.

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Omar, thanks for your reply. Got it.

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