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Burning Oil ?


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I got my 2013 Edge Ltd with 2L ECOBoost on Feb-2013 and had the 1st service Aug-22-2013 at 5520km. During this time I was checking the oil level regularly and noticed oil level was full at all times


During the 1st service I asked to change the oil to synthetic and they used CX0-5W30-LFS12


Checking my oil level again I noticed now that I was loosing oil and not from leaks because I park inside my garage and the floor under the truck is always clean. I have not notice any blue smoke either coming out from my exhaust but this is difficult to notice since the fumes, if any, are not easily visible from the drivers seat. Also the oil on the deepstick is clean with no visible water present


Last March, which is about 7 months and about 4000km after my 1st oil change, the oil level was half full and I went to the dealer where they top it up (again with the same synthetic) and told me to keep an eye to see what happens. I was not charged for this service


Now which is 2 months and about 2000km after the dealer toped up my oil, the level is half way down between the full and the half full level on my dipstick and I don’t like that. The last 2000km have all been city driving


I plan to go to the dealer again but this time I have to make an appointment because I guess they will keep the truck to find out why I loose oil.


Is it possible the 2L ECOBoost engine does not like synthetic oil? Anyone with similar experience?

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I have heard that the EcoBoost engines are known to consume some oil, but what you are describing does sound excessive. Have you inspected the underside of the engine bay to see if there is any oil accumulation anywhere on the engine/chassis? It's possible that the leak only occurs while the engine is under load, which could explain the lack of oil on the garage floor.

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Never smelled burning oil however she could leak a very small amount of oil thru the piston rings and burn it and that will not even show in the tailpipes. We should not forget that all this happens with city driving and to my opinion if I was going on a trip where the truck will be going constantly at 100km/hr it may leak / burn much more and faster.


But why on the 1st 5500km she did not loose any oil and when I changed to synthetic she started to loose oil? Just a coincidence?

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Have the dealer perform a cylinder leak down check. This will test the condition of the piston rings and valve seals. If the leakage rate is excessive it will cause oil to leak into the cylinders. The rate of the oil burn will be undetectable at the exhaust. If left unattended, it will cook your catalytic converters.

In the past, valve seals were susceptible to swelling or shrinking when oil types were changed. Can't say I'm familiar with the eco-boost, just a thought.

Good luck.

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Had the truck at the dealer yesterday. As per work order it looks like that they only checked for oil leaks and found none but the dealer send an email to Ford for further assistance. Got a copy of the email from Ford and it says:


“From the excessive engine oil consumption test found in section 303-00, diagnostic and testing of the workshop manual, the specification for excessive oil consumption is one quart of oil per 4800km (3000 miles). It is recommended to perform the excessive oil consumption test as per the workshop manual. The pre-test and post test checks are very useful tools to diagnose the root cause of excessive oil consumption”


I did not read Ford’s letter when I picked up my truck but it looks like they did not perform the test as per Ford’s letter and so I will go back and find out why.


The work order says that they did add 0.5 liters of oil and if my conversion is correct 0.5 liters equals 0.53 quarts. Since the oil I lost (0.5 liters) happened in approx. 2500km of city driving, that falls within Ford’s definition of excessive oil consumption (0.53 quarts oil lost per 2500km times two = approx. one quart per 5000km)

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