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Brakes (Calipers?) Seizing - plz help


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Hi Guys,


My rear driver's side brake has been seizing lately. Its happened twice so far over the past few weeks and both times it left a strong burnt rubber smell 1st time I thought the car was gonna catch fire hehehe. I took an appointment with the dealer for this Thurs June 12 but I was hoping you would have some advice on the matter before I went in?


- Would this be a caliper problem or a "brake fluid hose" issue. I heard a pin-hole leak on the hose can cause the break to seize.. How can one tell the difference?


- If its the caliper's, would that be covered under the warranty. I've read that the caliper slider is covered - I bought my edge in Aug 2011 (so under 36 months) and have 53.5K on it.


- If I have to replace it, should I go with OEM or performance? Any suggestions on parts?



Thanks for your help,



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Its doesnt have to be only the calipers (for warranty coverage). I had the same issue (same model car), and after some highway speeds the left rear was too hot to even touch the rim. Took to my local dealer and they agreed to replace both rear calipers, both rotors and all pads. They did all this work under warranty since they couldnt identify if there was damage or premature wear caused by the one partial ceased caliper.


Stick to your guns with the dealer and they should do it all. However, this was last spring and it took weeks to get the caliper in stock, they claimed a shortage across Canada and the US.



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