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So, what's she worth?...'11 MKX Content

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Wife and I are considering this 2011 Lincoln MKX and wanted to get some impressions of value. Vehicle has just under 67K on the odometer. Undercarriage looked fairly clean. You can tell it's been driven in MI salt and snow...body looked like maybe PO lived on a dirt road? ...I'll let the other pics do the talking.



22" Wheels

Falken A/S Tires (2K)












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Also, the painted sideskirts/cladding was not very well matched or blended...the front grill was painted...it was going flat. Car looks pretty good from about 5ft. Interior looked pretty good, typical wear on the leather...armrest IMO will need replaced as elbow wear has discolored leather.


Lmk if I'm just being too picky here...for a 70K car I would assume it should be a little cleaner but I believe with about $1800 into this it could look tip top again.

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It is a bit hacked up. The mods were done poorly and a majority of this needs redone. On that I agree...just not sure where you got that number man. I'm seeing '10 100K Edge limited in AWD for that cash...Too, they may be softer in your area...and that's good to know! I might make you an offer on yours if it's AWD and either white or black if you're considering selling...

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Personally, I like the car, especially the plasti-dipped front. Looks much better than stock, to me. AWD, 22" rims, new-ish tires, NAV, and cool exterior and interior color combo. At 67K miles for a 4 yr old, that is <17K miles/yr. Not terrible... Don't have your zipcode, but in mine (01752) kbb pegs it around $18-$19K in good enough shape. Question is if it has all you want, and priced right for your budget... A bit of TLC and you should have a pretty nice MKX...


Good luck.

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