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rubber cab for front transverse control arm


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Hi folks,


it was a long time ago i was here.

But i have to say that my Ford Edge is still mine (since 2009) and i am very happy about that.


But i have a question:

I am regularly watching after the chassis of my Edge and try to keep it in good condition.

During my last inspection i realized that the part that is mentioned in the title is not in good condition anymore.


i am from Germany and i tried to find this part in search engines...but i didnt find it....maybe you can tell me the correct name of this part i am searching for.

If you dont know what i mean, i will take some pictures of it.



Two further questions i have are...:


1. is it sure that taillights for the 2011-2014 model won't fit at 2007-2010 model...if yes...why?


2. Do 2011-2014 suspensions parts fit at 2007-2010 models?



Thank you in advance


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Are you referring to the bushings for the control arm? I don't know if they are available separately, at least not from Ford directly:


Part Description: Lower, RH

Quantity Per Vehicle: 1
Package Quantity: 1
Weight: 13.20 lbs
Dimensions: 3.75 IN x 12.25 IN x 24.00 IN


Aftermarket suppliers can be viewed here:


2009 Ford Edge Front Suspension Control Arms.PDF

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thank you for the links. Very helpful!


Guess, we are talking about the same...


I attached a picture from the side above and marked the part what i mean.


The control arm itself is still in quite good condition but this rubber thing is looking old and squeezed.



My Edge has been running 65.000 miles (103.000km) now.

Should i really exchange the control arms completely?




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