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newbie from tx


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Hey guys new to the group. Been on here a while reading up.info. I currently drive a 07 nnbs sierra. But before have had 7 mustangs. My wife just graduated college, still currently drives her 2001 mustang but definitely time for update with newborn here. I was tossing up idea of murano, venza and edge. The sports definitely caught my eye. I've been hunting a few used edges... limited vs sport. 5-8k price difference. I love the color matched scheme, that's why I like the sports better. And advice on to what to watch out for or pros n cons to either. And if any of u are in tx and know of a good deal lmk. Thanks in advance. Lu

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Test drove both. The Sport is a real head turner, but so is the SEL or LTD with upgraded 20" wheels and has a much nicer ride. Stay away from the sport 22's if ride comfort is important. Test both and ask yourself if the bigger sport price tag is really worth it. Also, I tested/compared Murano and ended up going with Edge. Good luck.

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My 2013 Edge Sport (bought as a repo in Houston with 8k miles) is amazing!

Ride is stiff like a sports car but has ample power from the engine and gets really good gas mileage on the highway.

Only complaint...Tiny gas tank !

A friend of mine has the Sport w/AWD and his mileage suffers from that !

You will love it!

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One of the best ways to compare differences between models is to do a Google search. Just search for 2011 Ford Edge Brochure and you will find it online. You can then compare standard and optional equipment between the different models. You just put in what ever year you are interested in looking at. I just used 2011 as an example.


There is also a site that you can put the VIN number in to see just about everything there is to know about that particular car.




You may also be able to see and print a facsimile of the original window sticker by putting the VIN into this site



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Primarily leather and wood grain interior trim & upgraded "Sony" sound system. I believe nav also, but could be wrong on that. The links in Is973800's post will tell ypu for sure as long as you have a VIN to put in. Alternately the Ford sales site will give you the details on the variations of the newer models.

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