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P0422 code (small leak)


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Fellow forum members.

About six weeks ago the wife tells me her SEL is illuminated on our 2010 Edge SEL with 45K. I plugged my diag tool in and pulled code P0422 from my hand scanner and my Auto Enginuity tool. Worked on it a few hours and was not able to figure it out so I just cleared the code and it did not come back. To my surprise (not really) the code came back this past weekend. Instead of wasting my time we took it to the dealer (have extended warranty) to have them figure it out. To no surprise, they come back and say they can not find any problem and the SEL went away on its own even though the code showed up 4 times in the diag.


Has anyone come across this problem and if so, what was the resolution? The "stealer" just tells me if it comes back on to bring it back to them and they will try to figure it out. :doh:

Thanks for your information.


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Dealerships :( What's there to figure out? Code says there's a problem with the converter. Do they intend to open it up and replace the elements? Put in a new one already! well, to be fair, there could be other problems upstream (like leaky injectors/gaskets) causing the problem and that should be fixed also along with the new CC. Regardless, shouldn't have turned you away.

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