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Ford Edge Splash Guards

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I made the mistake of ordering OEM splash guards from the FoMoCo Accessories site for my '13 Edge SEL. Picked it up at my local dealer.

Thought I was doing the right thing going with the genuine Ford part. However, I'm not impressed.

Judging by the pictures in the wordless idiot instructions the installation appears to be unnecessarily complicated. Beyond my ability or willingness to deal with it, and I'm not paying Ford another $50 to do it for me. After reading the reviews (which in hindsight I should've done first) I'm going to pick up a pair of the Husky brand guards.

If anyone out there absolutely has to have the genuine Ford part for their Edge or MKX (it fits 2007 to 2014) I have this posted on eBay (item #261658533797). $28 or best offer. No tax and I'll eat the shipping. Not making anything on this, just trying to get as close as possible to breaking even.


RE-LISTED 12/26/14 for 30 days. Item #261700084160 Price lowered to $25 or best offer. SOLD

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So, I'm a noobie just got a 2013 Edge SEL Ecoboost, trying to order some mud flaps but when I'm on the husky liners site. I get stuck at the part about "cladding"?.. what is that lol :noobie:

The Sport & Ecoboost models have different side skirts so the Husky mud flaps probably wouldn't fit correctly.

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