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Display message about a language update?


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Yesterday, I got a message on my 2013 Edge (small display, not touch) that said something about a language update. I wasn't able to get a photo of it or remember the exact wording. I had the same message at least once (maybe twice) last year about this time of the year. Soon after, I began getting battery saver warnings in the display. I took it in for service at 3 different occassions last year (twice in December, then again in February) for this message. Each time they found a slight battery drain but no other issues.


We initiated a claim with Ford, anticipating a possible Lemon Law case, but the 3rd time a Ford engineer instructed them to do a software update (re TSB 12-11-8). They gave us a loaner and kept the vehicle for a couple of weeks and found no other problems.


We haven't had another message since. I called and talked to the dealer service manager today and he reports they have never seen a message like that. He said he called Ford engineering and they didn't provide any information about a message like that either.


I've tried searching on the topic and found nothing. Not sure if the language message was related to the battery saver messages last year, but the seemed to happen close together. We're afraid our problems may be returning. I sure hope not!


Has anyone had a message mentioning a language update. If it happens again, I will try to get a photo or at least remember the exact wording.


Thanks in advance for any insights or direct knowledge,


Wendy Haylett

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Thanks for the response re your 2012, coeperc. As an update, in case you or anyone would like to know more, the Service Manager at our dealer pushed for more info with Ford and they said they were aware of the problem, but did not have a software fix at this point. They expressed that it should have no impact on the issue I was worried about ,or other functional operations, and that it was a communication error only.

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