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Hello from North AZ


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My name is Mikey. I live in North AZ and I just bought a certified pre owned Edge Sport.

I bought it from a dealer in Virginia, and drove it home. It was a great drive, and a good opportunity to get to know my *new* car.

Anyways, I'm new here and thought I'd say hello.


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Thanks, guys.

I bought it in VA because I wanted a very specific set of options and there were only 7 available that met that criteria in all of Cars.com, and the dealer in VA (Ted Britt Ford) gave me the best drive away price, with the least hassle. After negotiating it all, I flew in and a few hours later I was driving home. They were really good.

My Edge is Silver. I was considering between that and a black one, but I went with silver because the front of the Edge Sport is black, and I wanted the contrast. Ultimately I went with the best deal I got. I liked them both.

The car I had previously was a 96 Blazer, lol. It was a POS but all that I could afford at the time; I had just moved back to the states. Before that I had a Holden Monaro, which is an Australian vehicle. 5.7L V8. They sold it here as a Pontiac GTO. The Edge is miles better than the Blazer, and is almost like a SUV version of the Monaro which was also silver. I actually wanted the Sport because it had a bit more horsepower than the Monaro, which impressed me cause it's a naturally aspirated V6, and for an SUV the Edge had a pretty good 0-60.

So far I like the whole thing. It's very comfortable. It accelerates really well. It handles really well. I like the tech in it too; although Sync has some hissy fits sometimes and does weird things (switching between music sources randomly or before or after calls or if I don't do what the Navigation is telling me to do, lol - it can be tempermental), I still like it a lot.

No pics right now, as I'm out of town, but I am looking forward to getting back and driving my Edge. I miss it!

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Sync may need to be updated, worst comes to worst, the APIM (which has an extended warranty) may need to be replaced.


Did you get the window sticker? You can check the production date on it at the bottom (last 6 digits on line below item #):



Another source of info (put in VIN under Vehicle tab):



We ran into transmission troubles with our '98 Blazer 4x4 before we gave it up. Engine continued to work fine. Some body rust too.

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