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Possible to update Sync for features?

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It is one of the option in the settings you have to activate. I think it is called RDS Text Display (ON/off). This will display the information broadcasted by the radio-station (most to the time sound title, something weather or traffic info). Not all of the stations broadcast RDS however, so don't be surprised if it does not always display.

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My roommate has a 2014 Escape Ecoboost, so he likely has whatever is standard for that.


He is able to see on the main screen artist and track titles for radio stations, and I am not. I will have to check for the RDS setting. Sorry for the delay in replying.


Check the RDS, but on version 3.5 the radio artist and titles were not displayed on the home screen. On version 3.6 they are, so you probably are not actually on the latest software.

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