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Sync Questions - New Edge Owner

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Hi ! I'm a new owner of a 2014 SEL AWD Model (for two week now), it's my first Ford and I'm very happy with it. I live in Chile (sorry for the english) and I have a couple of questions, hopefully you can help me with them.


First, I now that we are far far away, but is there any chance to get the sync features here? I tried to download the sync my ford app for android but google play store keep saying that is not available ( :banghead: Grrrr). I would like to send my maps from my phone but I can't get it work, I created a sync account at support.ford.com but I can't select Chile or even south america :(


Second, I have the SD map card and Nav system works great, I read that it gets annual updates, do I get the updates for free or I will be charged for them?


And the last one, with my sync account the page says that my software is up to date, I saw in another thread that a Colombian owner had to download a MySync "Export" Software, but I couldn't find any link to it.


I read a lot of advices in the forum, thanks for all your work!







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There are no "SYNC features" that you can download for your system anywhere in the world, so you're not missing anything. You'll have to wait for the next major update, just like the rest of us!


Annual map updates involve replacing the SD card, here in the US you have to pay and I suspect it will be the same in Chile, unless you have some special arrangement with your dealer.

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Will wait for new updates, for now I'm just starting to know the system.


I alway used Garmin external car GPS, and free map sources, they worked ok here, but after renting a car in my last vacation I was very pleased to have a GPS integrated. I don't expect to work as google or the free map sources, but for now it do the job.


I didn't run a search on the forum, do someone tried to backup the SD card just in case it get lost?

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I would say in all honesty using a cellphone with google maps is better than any in-car navigation

Except the much smaller screen, audio not integrated with stereo, doesn't show you the speed limit, no POIs.


It is cheaper with free map updates and it will get you there but I wouldn't say it's better.

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