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Edge proof of life at Ford: Stylish SUV offers a lot but can turn out pricey

Edge Guide

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The pretty new 2007 Edge isn't the miracle cure for all that ails Ford Motor Co., but it's proof that the Dearborn automaker still has a pulse.


The sporty SUV's unique and eye-catching styling should also set shoppers' hearts pounding, and its smooth and powerful engine will keep them in high gear.


The Edge doesn't look like any other vehicle on the road, but it looks right, thanks to sporty proportions and sheet metal with big-radius curves that appear as sturdy and purposeful as a cast-iron frying pan.



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Seems accurate enough based on my own test drive. The ride is better than the others, and the handling is squishier. I'm not sure I'd call the interior "extremely quiet," but it is quiet.


But the price comparisons are the usual quick-and-dirty base-to-base variety. If you want more precise comparisons, my site's the only place that offers them:


Vehicle price comparisons

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"Brake feel and stopping power is also excellent."


Interesting this guy didn't feel like there was a problem...



He also did not measure it like several other reviewers did. I prefer fact to opinion...


However, I hope Ford did fix the problem on the production units.... One can only hope....

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