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Anybody Really Useing This Forum??


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I am rather disappointed that this forum has so little activity. It would appear to be a good place to exchange info except no one is posting. Curiuos, no?? I also use the Sync/MFT forum and that one gets considerable activity. Unfortunately, the activity stems from the massive dis-satisfaction most owners have with the technology and the failed upgrade package Ford released last April. I will offer my review of my 2012 Edge Eco-Boost I purchased March 1, 2012 since I now have over 5K miles logged.


I will begin with the Sync/MFT system. I took delivery just a few weeks before the release of the infamous "System Upgrade" so my Edge has the pre-upgrade software. I have not upgraded for two reasons; 1) Ford never sent me the promised upgrade package I was supposed to receive by mail, 2) After extensively reading the Sync/MFT forum posts, I will not install the upgrade and ruin the somewhat clunky and tempermental, but useable, version that came with the car. I have learned to tolerate the freezes, gliches, lock-ups, etc., of my system as prefferable to the complete mess the upgrade provides. The only real draw back to not upgrading is I also can not update my navigation system maps. The GPS update requires the installation of the Sync upgrade software for some reason. Another serious misstep by the Ford software developers.


Now, on to some good stuff. So far, I have grown quite fond of my new Edge. I love driving it and the performance ot the little 2.0 liter engine has completely suprised me. I have never owned a 4 cylinder powered car before this one. I previously drove a loaded 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee LImited, 4WD, 4.7 liter V-8, that I drove for 11 years and 118,000 miles. I loved that car, so the decision to go with the Edge Eco-Boost was traumatic, at best. The Edge is not a V-8 Grand Cherokee, but it doesn't seem to know that. It has ample power to accelerate, pass, maintain highway speeds, and, I recently discovered, climb very steep narrow gravel mountain roads while fully loaded. Who knew?? The Edge did not effortlessly idle up the steep roads like the Jeep did but I was surprised that with a little more throttle and some finess, it did quite well. You would have to see the roads it managed to appreciate what I mean.


The major reason I went with the Eco-Boost is the obviuos one, gas mileage. I average 23 mpg overall with about 50% city and 50% highway driving. I babied the accelerator at first but now I just drive the car like any other. On the highway I get 25/26 mpg pretty consistently. The EPA claims of 30 mpg are, of course, totally bogus. It is a government produced number so no surprise there. On my last trip to the north Georgia mountains from Orlando, I saved 24 gallons of gas in the Edge over 1550 miles as compared to the same trip made 7 months ago in the Jeep. That equated to $81.36 in savings on gas alone. I am not at all unhappy with those numbers.


So, while I am sure no one at Ford gives a rats behind what I think, I will offer them a little grass roots advise. First, you need to promote this 2.0 liter engine with a little more gusto. I couldn't find squat about mileage or performance beyond advertising propaganda before I made my purchase. I had to seek out owners who had recently purchased the Edge on my own. Not an easy task. It was their comments and critiques that caused me to buy this car and not anything Ford had to offer. Ford sales reps actually very subtlely tried to steer me away from the Eco-Boost and toward the V-6. I still wonder why?


Second, you need to get your act together with the Sync/ MFT issues. You need to do it now and do it correctly. This issue is going to single handely kill everything you have done well with your product line. No one is going to be willing to pay $40K+ for a high tech vehicle with electronics that perform like early 1980's game consoles. In aviation terms you have "screwed the pooch" with the Sync/MFT system. What ever it takes, what ever it costs, fix it, fix it correctly and do it now! You have managed to build a very fine automobile with an equally poor electonics package. There is absolutely no excuse or logical reason for you not to make it right.

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The FordSyncForum.com has other complaints about the Ford My Touch, so if you have that, you're probably not alone. I read that Ford has been upgrading it steadily though.


The Ecoboost is still in its infancy. It's HUGELY popular in the F150, but it's really new in many Ford products. That are not a lot of Edge Ecoboosts out there yet, since it was recently launched and many people are on the FordEdgeForum.com too.

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