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Coils, Plugs and or PCM


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Ok first off I have been on here and everywhere else looking for these problems and have done about most of them.


I have an 08 Ford Edge FWD with about 120,000 on it. Recently it started to lug almost like a missfire so I took it upon myself to replace the plugs. Upon doing this I came across 1 coil pack that had been cracked and leaking so I bought a new one and replaced it along with 6 new plugs. It started right up but was now having the CEL light on so I tried to drive it to autozone to get it read. Didn't make it. It died and has not started since. I rechecked the coils and plugs to make sure that it wasn't something that I might have done but that 1 coil that was cracked the first time was yet again cracked, so I went and got another new one and replaced that same one. After that it has not started. It will turn over just won't fire up and run.


If there is anything else that I can say to help with this diagnosis please let me know.


Please help me with this problem as I will be updating this form as the solutions come in!!


Thanks again everyone

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Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your Edge! If it is indeed a PCM issue, there should be codes set, per the TSB in this post:


and the latest update to that that I am aware of:



So, first thing to check would be codes, which can be pulled at an auto parts store if you don't have a reader. Also could check your vehicle build date here under the VEHICLE tab:


Ford TSB 11-8-2_Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) On With Diagnostic Trouble codes (DTCS) P0351-P0355 And Or P0356-Built On or Before 1-1-2008.pdf

TSB 13-4-17_MIL ON WITH DTCS - P0351, P0352, P0353, P0354, P0355, AND OR P0356 - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 3-1-2008.pdf

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I have looked at all the links that you have posted and for the most part it goes with the problem that I am having. The issue that I have is that I bought the car about 2 years ago and I am not sure if there is any type of warranty that is still on there. If there is not any then I will be replacing all the coils and the PCM myself. I already have replaced 1 and all 6 plugs. Don't have the money to replace everything as you probably already know that it cost a lot to do so. As soon as I find out more I will update and let you guys know.


Thanks again for the info

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