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Best headlight solution to get close to 6000K Color? 2011 Edge

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I am looking to get close to pure-white 6000K color from my headlights. I am not looking to spend a killing on them if possible, but don't want to get the cheapest thing out there as well. Gaining additional light output isn't as important to me, but if I am spending money I'd appreciate the increase from my standard yellow-light bulbs that I have currently.'


I have done HID lights before on the cheaper end and didn't love blowing ballasts all the time. I have looked at LED bulbs, as well as kits, but I unfortunately don't know enough about what I'm looking at. I saw the stickied post about lights, but I think what I'm looking for might be a bit too specific.


What do you all think I should be looking at?

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I have the DriveBright 6000K and I would NOT call it pure white at all. If you want pure white, I would suggest going more for a 5000K bulb not 6000K. The 6000K has a blue tint to them. I ordered some 4500K bulbs and they should be here any day so I hope I like them better than these 6000K bulbs.


The DriveBright lights have a lifetime guarantee on the Ballast so if that is your concern then you shouldn't have to worry about these.

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I installed the Putco 4400K bulbs shown above without too much stress. Me and my friend had a few beers and decided that taking the headlights out were likely to result in much more clean up work the next morning, so we opted to leave the headlights in and squeeze our hands behind the projectors.


It was a bit of a pain to line up the bulbs so they fit properly in, but we finally got them in (after an initial test drive's awful aiming showed that one was not in properly).


All in all I got what I wanted - the color. http://www.ipf-light.com/catalog/ti/comparisonLightTitan.jpg (Very similar before and after)


I was hoping for some increase in lighting, and I will say that the look of the road at night isn't terribly different. The light color does trigger better reflection of highway signs, however, so you get the feeling that they do more. Going to the brights doesn't add a ton of light.


All in all I'll say these are alright for the price if all you want is just the color.

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