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power train light on

Mike Aring

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the power train light came on today on my way home... and the edge has been like... i don't know how to describe it.. when i hit a certain speed, it jerks to the right some. HARD.. but now, as i was pulling away from the stoplight, it seriously was like climbing a STEEEEP hill all the way across the intersection...

so, anyone know what's wrong? i hjust had the transmission replaced... and don't get me started on that... i have a 2007 with less than 110,000 miles on it and had to replace it in february.

i am FREAKING OUt as i appear to have no car and no way to work.

any help or suggestions?


or jsut get me on FB at mike aring


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Seems like failsafe mode was triggered. A bit more detail about your Edge, please:



Why did the transmission have to be replaced? New/Rebuilt/Used replacement?


Did any lights saying SERVICE ADVANCETRAC or something similar come on? A wrench symbol? Did the PCM have any stored codes? Is the trans fluid level/condition OK?


Very possible that, assuming all connections were hooked up properly when the trans was replaced, that one or more wheel speed sensors is faulty. Could be a rusty/dirty/broken ABS tone ring(s). Or the brakes at one (or more) corner(s) are sticking. Not uncommon for the rear brakes to stick, causing the brakes to work against the engine.

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