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2015 Ford Edge - Titanium AWD - V6 - White Platinum - Cognac


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Hello all!


I recently purchased a 2015 Ford Edge - Titanium AWD - V6 - White Platinum exterior Cognac interior. I live in Texas. I drove a 2001 Ford Escape in college, but before this my last 2 vehicles were Toyota (Camry and most recently a 2007 Rav4). I was deciding between the Ford Edge Sport, Acura RDX and the Nissan Murano. I started out looking at the Murano because of the features. But it just didn't 'fit'. I couldn't get the exact Edge I wanted in this area (Blue/Red/White, AWD Sport with 402a) and I didn't want to go through the order process. So that is when I started seriously considering the Acura RDX (there was a blue one, AWD in my area and it is a great vehicle and it was going to cost very similar to the Sport Edge AWD with 402a). I ended up coming back to the Edge in the Titanium model for a few reasons. 1. There was one on the lot at a dealer that gets FANTASTIC reviews (and for good reason - I had a 'too good to be true' experience myself). 2. I had already decided I was willing to give up the HP for the RDX so I figured why not give the V6 Titanium a chance. 3. I saved about $3,000 4. The Ford has way more features than the Acura. 5. I rented a Titanium 2.0L Ecoboost AWD in Colorado for vacation and I really liked it, so I had extra confidence this was the 'right fit'. 6. Although the White Ford Edge is going to be all over DFW, I feel like the Cognac interior, V6 and AWD make it a little more unique, and that is important to me. 7. I didn't really like the all black interior of the Sport and I really didn't like the suede insert in the seats, or the seat comfort which felt inferior to the perforated Titanium seats to me.


Based on the FordEtis search I did my build date was 8/24/2015 so I'm hoping I don't have the issues so many of you have posted about with rattles and the horrible leak situation! Time will tell.


The Edge barely fits in my garage but it does!! I spent all weekend reading the entire manual (I skimmed some of the maintenance stuff which my husband will own) and setting up my code/ambient lighting/lift gate height/seat & mirror memory settings/phone/navigation. All in all I couldn't be more excited! This seems long winded but I'm new to forums and again, I'm so excited!

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Congrats on the new ride. I also looked at the Sport but bought a Titanium V6 AWD for some of the same reasons you cited. I did not care for the black/suede interior and opted for a Magnetic exterior with the Ceramic interior. I really like the Edge and hope that you enjoy yours as well.

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