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    nose protection / bra

    Thank you so much for posting pictures! It looks great, can hardly see it. Can you tell me where you go it done? A tint shop? A clear protector specialist? Dealership? Good to know on white paint, but I agree it's less of a big deal than dings/scratches! Also good to know on tint specialists not always being the right choice. I will check DFW for a good wrapping place and call them for a quote!
  2. CailinS

    newbie to this site from South Louisiana

    Yeah south Texas. My favorite time to go is in the fall strangely enough.
  3. CailinS

    Sirius Travel Link

    I want to know also! I haven't (I don't think) activated my trial yet but an curious about the value /usefulness
  4. CailinS

    New '15 Sport AWD Owner

    I'm driving the 3.5 V6. I loooved the sport in test drive but could not get on board with the all black interior and I couldn't find it in an exterior color I liked with AWD. That being said I did try S mode and definitely noticed the shift improvements. I'll probably always have a pang for what could have been but I'm so pleased with my cognac interior and AWD! And S ups the excitement factor enough to make me want to use it all the time. I'm not in the gas mileage mindset that's for sure!
  5. CailinS

    newbie to this site from South Louisiana

    I'm taking mine to the beach in a couple weeks. It'll be her first real road trip can't wait!
  6. CailinS

    nose protection / bra

    I'm interested in this topic. Any pictures or reviews of protective options especially for platinum white!
  7. CailinS

    Cooled Seats

    Waiting to hear! When I go in to get my license plates I want to see if they will look into this for me!
  8. CailinS

    Sync 3 on 2015 Edge

    According to a few articles/videos I've seen it is pretty much confirmed an upgrade will NOT be possible. http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2015-ford-edge-first-drive-review http://www.autonews.com/article/20150427/OEM06/304279956/fords-sync-3--debut-vehicle-launches-are-out-of-sync
  9. CailinS

    New '15 Sport AWD Owner

    I also assumed S forced paddle shifters. I didn't want to push it until the break-in period is over (1000 miles according to manual) so I was waiting to do much with the shifters. But I supposed I'll give S a try!
  10. CailinS

    I'm new from Texas

    I have been noticing Edge drivers way more around DFW! I waved to a lady on Saturday but she just thought I was weird. I have never owned a car where I felt a sense of camaraderie between owners. Very excited about this forum and that aspect of this car!
  11. CailinS

    Just got the keys to my 2015 Ford Edge Titanium

    I never had anything to tow or any vehicle to tow with. But this is good info/pictures/commentary if I end up wanting to use my V6 Edge for this purpose!
  12. Nice! The one we rented had the ceramic interior - it was beautiful! Unfortunately for me (or fortunately I guess) my husband washes/cleans my car and he requested a darker interior this time around due to denim transfer woes in the past.
  13. CailinS

    New Edge Sport AWD Pearl White

    Congrats! I would have bought the exact thing if I could have found one on the lot within 600 miles of DFW! BUT I ended up with the V6 Titanium (White exterior Cognac interior - which I do prefer to the Sport interior) so all in all I'm happy. I just hope we never meet at a stop light. Then I'll shed a few tears for what could have been
  14. Hello all! I recently purchased a 2015 Ford Edge - Titanium AWD - V6 - White Platinum exterior Cognac interior. I live in Texas. I drove a 2001 Ford Escape in college, but before this my last 2 vehicles were Toyota (Camry and most recently a 2007 Rav4). I was deciding between the Ford Edge Sport, Acura RDX and the Nissan Murano. I started out looking at the Murano because of the features. But it just didn't 'fit'. I couldn't get the exact Edge I wanted in this area (Blue/Red/White, AWD Sport with 402a) and I didn't want to go through the order process. So that is when I started seriously considering the Acura RDX (there was a blue one, AWD in my area and it is a great vehicle and it was going to cost very similar to the Sport Edge AWD with 402a). I ended up coming back to the Edge in the Titanium model for a few reasons. 1. There was one on the lot at a dealer that gets FANTASTIC reviews (and for good reason - I had a 'too good to be true' experience myself). 2. I had already decided I was willing to give up the HP for the RDX so I figured why not give the V6 Titanium a chance. 3. I saved about $3,000 4. The Ford has way more features than the Acura. 5. I rented a Titanium 2.0L Ecoboost AWD in Colorado for vacation and I really liked it, so I had extra confidence this was the 'right fit'. 6. Although the White Ford Edge is going to be all over DFW, I feel like the Cognac interior, V6 and AWD make it a little more unique, and that is important to me. 7. I didn't really like the all black interior of the Sport and I really didn't like the suede insert in the seats, or the seat comfort which felt inferior to the perforated Titanium seats to me. Based on the FordEtis search I did my build date was 8/24/2015 so I'm hoping I don't have the issues so many of you have posted about with rattles and the horrible leak situation! Time will tell. The Edge barely fits in my garage but it does!! I spent all weekend reading the entire manual (I skimmed some of the maintenance stuff which my husband will own) and setting up my code/ambient lighting/lift gate height/seat & mirror memory settings/phone/navigation. All in all I couldn't be more excited! This seems long winded but I'm new to forums and again, I'm so excited!