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  1. According to the recall notice that I received only the front hoses were to be replaced. Mine were done last week. The repair order indicates that 2 hoses and 4 washers were replaced as per the instructions for recall 20S42.
  2. Still waiting for Ford to say that parts are in stock for my 2017 Sport. Supposedly the were to be in during the first quarter as per Ford's letter of September 2020.
  3. MJB3

    How many Fords have you owned?

    No. I do not have pics of the old stuff. Most of those older units were before everyone had a camera in their pocket. As you might guess, I am on the downhill side of 80 and all I did was drive them hard.
  4. MJB3

    How many Fords have you owned?

    51 Business Coupe 56 Sedan 74 Pickup 85 Thunderbird 94 Thunderbird 96 Thunderbird 02 Lincoln LS 06 Lincoln LS 10 Fusion 13 Mustang 15 Edge 17 Edge
  5. I can't help you with your problem as my hatch is powered. I can comment on the lack of response to your post. I visit this site frequently, of late daily, and have noted what seems to be a drop off of participation over the years. It may be that other forums or social media are better attended.
  6. I believe that the lemon laws are specific state by state. I had Ford buy back a 2006 Lincoln LS in California after about 40 days in the shop trying to fix some electrical problems. The process included arbitration which was accomplished in large part through a telephone conference. All in all a fairly easy and straight forward process.
  7. Thanks for your continuing efforts. It didn't take long to realize how much checking in daily had become a part of my life. Thanks again, Martin
  8. When the lease on my 2017 Sport is up I will be looking at a Lincoln Nautilus. At today's prices, a Select AWD with 2.7L and most of the options (no BAMR) would come in at an MSRP of about 50K.
  9. It may be that had you turned the ignition off and opened the door you may have had a different outcome. I believe that much of the center stack remains powered for some time, maybe 10 minutes after the ignition is turned off or until the door is opened.
  10. Akirby, It is interesting that my wife's 2018 Honda CR-V with Sirius XM has never displayed the update message in almost 6 months of use. The problem with the Sirius XM in my Edge did not manifest itself until after 6 or more months of service. On one occasion the message read something like "need to validate unit" or something to that effect. The failure of the phone to be recognized started about the same time.
  11. The display in my 2017 Sport frequently has the message "Sirius XM Updating". This occurs almost daily. Occasionally the phone will not attach. Also, the screen goes blank now and again. Sometimes it fires back up on the previous screen, some times I get the Blue Oval. My dealer had it for a day and claimed to have updated something but the issue with the Sirius and the phone persist. Any thoughts on the matter?
  12. MJB3

    2015 Edge Owner New to the Forum

    Welcome aboard. You will find a lot of good information here.
  13. I just saw this post and thought that I would check my 17 Sport. It too has the small (approximately 1") sections of weather stripping removed. I say removed because it looks as though the material was removed after the weather stripping was installed. Possibly done with a razor knife. On mine, it would appear as though the paint is scarred on what would be the lower edge of the gap.
  14. MJB3

    2007 edge starts and runs without key

    Davidsbrenner1, sure would like to hear how this is resolved.
  15. The date in the lower center box of the Window Sticker of my 2017 Edge Sport is 04 26 17. The vehicle has a build date on 05 05 2017. This is consistent with the timing on the build of my 2015 as well. It was built about 1 week after the date on the sticker. I believe that the date on the sticker is the date that the job is sent to the to the production line.