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HELLO from Minnesota "ya sure ya betcha"


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Hello everyone, my long time girlfriend just became the new owner of a 2013 Edge SEL last night. Sorry, Sorry, I do not have pictures as we got home a bit before midnight last night from getting it. I am posting on behalf of her as I am her mechanic/voice of reason. She went from a 2008 Subaru Legacy GT which turned into a huge expensive headache. After I fixed it for the umteanth time it was time to trade it in. Got a great deal on this Edge and a good trade in so it was a good fit. Edge is Mineral gray metallic, tan interior, Vista roof, 20" chrome wheels. It is not the fully loaded Navi interior. I would call it middle of the row interior as it has a good amount of bells and whistles but not fully loaded. 3.5L V6 engine in her. She really seems happy with this car. I come from a history of Ford family as it is all I own and my father as well. Still have a 1955 F100, 1964 F100 4x4, and a 1963 1/2 Galaxie 500 for toys. Glad to have the ms. in the Ford family now. Anyways just wanted to say hi.

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Congrats and welcome. I also have the '13 SEL; 20" wheels, no navi... probably the same standard SEL package. I got a great deal on a lease turn in, so I am fine with it. A year later, still thrilled with the ride. My only real non-cosmetic tweak was to replace the stock speakers. All the best of luck to you and your GF with her new ride.

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