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Consumer Reports Road Tests 2015 Edge

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Well, before you guys grit your teeth in anticipation, LOL, Consumer Reports LOVED IT!



As a result, it is one of our top-rated midsized crossovers.

It tested out at 82 points and $40k, compared to a Land Rover Discovery Sport with 58 points ($50k).



The Edge's handling is reminiscent of an Audi Q5, while also providing ride comfort approaching a Lexus Rx. Fot those unfamiliar with suspension engineering, this is an almost impossible feat.


They tested an SEL with the 2.0.


When I heard that their test Edge had the water leak problem, I thought that they would rip the Edge for that. Seems like they talked to Ford about it, and it is not mentioned in the review.


So, they say that the only reason they do not give the Edge a "Recommended" Check-Mark is because it is a new model with no Reliability history. They do that with most new models. We'll see how prevalent the problems really are when they do their survey.

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I've made a habit of buying things NOT recommended by CR for the last 40 years.


That is interesting. So are you suggesting NOT buying a Ford Edge because Consumer Reports likes it?


Anyway, there have been over 120 views on this subject, so how many of you readers would have preferred that Consumer Reports ripped the Edge like they did the Range Rover?


Just curious.

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I don't care either way. CR has their own agenda and biases - more than most other media outlets. They slammed Ford for not having enough hard buttons and having to do too much from the touch screen with MFT which they said was dangerous. Then they gave the Tesla Model S a better than perfect score of 103 (out of 100) and it has nothing but a touch screen for all functions.

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