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My first Edge, My first Ford


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Just put a deposit to hold my 07 Edge SEL. Doing paperwork Saturday. Had no intention to buy one, but saw one at a great dealership, loaded, with low miles. We have a toddler and are working on #2. Was really impressed with the amount of room for the size. My wife loved it, and it drove really nice.


Have always been a Jeep guy, but the space to cost ratio is much better in the Edge and it's reliability seems better than the comparable Grand Cherokee. What do I need to look out for at 55k and thanks for having me. My wife and I are really impressed with the car.

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Welcome, Shaymer, congrats on the '07, and on the impending family expansion :thumbsup:


As far as what to look out for, it is "low mileage", but do you have the maintenance records to go with, or any warranty from the dealership? Is the Edge AWD or FWD?

  1. At the very least, do the spark plugs & PCV valve. With a little patience, it is a very DIY job. This can save the catalytic converters as well as restore power & mileage.
  2. Trans fluid drain & fill. Flush not necessary, but you can get it done if you want to.
  3. If you have AWD, consider having the PTU and RDU fluids checked for consistency/level, preferably changed out.
  4. Check tires for cracking/bumps/bubbles/nails etc., along with remaining treadlife. May need replacement if not in perfect condition with excellent tread depth.
  5. Check rotors & pads for remaining life. Replace as needed. Have the caliper slide pins serviced if the pads and/or rotors are being serviced.
  6. Brake fluid flush is recommended.
  7. Winter's coming, so new wiper blades & top off washer fluid.
  8. Have battery checked, make sure it can withstand extreme weather starts & charge properly. If needed, see if you can get a battery with a higher CCA rating.
  9. How does the lighting (headlights, backup, etc) perform at night? Pretty easy to install new bulbs yourself if need be.

The less history you have on the Edge, the more important it will be get these items taken care of, IMHO.

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I have an 02 Grand Cherokee and an 07 SEL. They are great cars but different in many ways. The jeep has 110000 miles and the ford has 98000 miles. Both have been pretty bullet proof. The Jeep 4WD is indestructible, The Edge is a FWD and has just had the front axles replaced. The Jeep drives like a truck, The ford drives like a big luxury car. The Jeep has 200 hp is heavy and gets 15 mpg in similar driving conditions to the ford which has 265 hp is heavy and gets 20 mpg on a good week and about 19.5 with the A/C running.

I love both vehicles for different reasons. I'm sure you will also. With only 55,000 miles be sure to get a Carfax or something similar to check it out.

Good luck

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