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Last month I purchased a 2015 Ford Edge Sport off the lot at Bennett Dunlop. It was damaged prior to purchase but promised to be repaired in a timely manner, Bennett Dunlop pushed me to sign the papers prior to November to get current incentives saying the vehicle should be ready within a week. Well I am now almost a full month without my new vehicle due to a multitude of delays. The first delay was outside of your or the dealers control but was not told about it on until after the papers were signed. It is that the vehicle had to be inspected by an insurance company from Alberta prior to repairs. After the adjuster came out, 2 weeks after I signed the papers, they stated they will start repairs this week. Now I just got a message from the sales manager I dealt with and there is now another delay..... They had ordered a door and fender from Ford parts to repair the damage done prior to purchase and they open the box both labeled with Edge part numbers and it is a door for a Ford Escape and a fender for an Edge and it will take at minimum a full week to get the door in plus paint time.


I email and call Ford customer relations Canada and I get similar responses of :



Hello Mr. *****,



Thank you for contacting the Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Centre, my name is Amy. We received your message sent on November 18, regarding your 2015 Edge.


We are sorry to hear the experience you have had since purchasing this vehicle. We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us.


Our suppliers and part depots send parts based on what the dealer ordered. It is possible that the dealer put in the wrong part number. We do not work with parts or have access to part ordering information. This is all done through the dealer.


All we can suggest is if you are not happy with the work then continue working with the dealer. You agreed to purchase this vehicle from the dealer. All we do is provide the dealer with the product. When it is damaged after delivery it is the dealer’s responsibility.


Once a vehicle has been delivered we do not become involved in repairs until the vehicle has been sold, with the exception of recalls.




Thank you for contacting Ford of Canada.





Amy *****


Customer Relationship Centre


Ford of Canada




Basically I have the dealer blaming Ford parts and Ford Canada blaming the dealer telling me there is nothing they can do about it.

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The parts that were sent by Ford were wrong.


So they send them back and get the correct parts.


But how do you know the dealership didn't order the wrong parts and they just told you the numbers on the box were incorrect to shift blame away from them?


Either way I'm not sure what you expect Ford to do - the dealer just needs to reorder the correct parts either way.

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I went to the dealership, they showed me the box with the correct part number for an edge door on it, showed me the number in the parts catalog as well. Open the box and inside there is an escape door. That's great they can reorder the part but ford said they are not willing to expedite shipping of the part and there is a wait list on these parts that I went through once already.

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