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  1. luminator

    Cant I turn these 'features' off?

    I can turn off the extra wipe on my 2015 Edge Sport
  2. luminator

    Engine Swap

    You can swap any engine that will fit, it is just dependent on how much custom fabrication work you are willing to do. I have seen everything to a 350SBC in an Mini(the old school one), I did a 3.8L SC(GTP engine) into a Cavalier Z24 with some friends, and everything in the world needs an LS in it.
  3. First time I got to use my 15 ones was last week and they work great. I have a 15 Sport
  4. luminator

    Premature tire wear in Ford Edge

    This will be something i will have to get used to, with spirited driving in my Cobalt I got close to 50k out of my P-Zero Rosso's.
  5. luminator

    Real snow usage

    Blizzaks are great except they have terrible wear, Nokians are by far the best but you pay for it, I went with X-Ice and love them.
  6. luminator

    what tires came on your edge? (from the factory)

    21" sport rims, I got Pirelli's in Canada
  7. luminator

    How to wash the roof?

    I am 6'5" and have a 6'10" wingspan, nope no issues washing then using squeegee on roof after for me.
  8. luminator

    Real snow usage

    AWD only fixes issue with acceleration and a bit of control but the biggest factors in winter driving are steering and more importantly breaking and the only way to improve those are a good set of winter tires. I have a 2015 Edge Sport and live in the Canadian Prairies and have driven here for almost 20 years. Is the AWD noticeable while accelerating, definitely but until I put some X-ice winter tires on, stopping was not the easiest. Stopping in my Cobalt was easier but that is because it is 1200 pounds less weight with 4 wheel brembo disk brakes.
  9. luminator

    Seats giving me a back problem

    Only if they can repair their image issues and the electrical issues.
  10. luminator

    Edge Sport Harsh Suspension

    Go figure I thought the suspension was a bit on the soft side still on the sport and wanted to tighten it up.
  11. luminator

    Some questions about the 2016 Edge

    Not sure about the Titanium but my 15 Edge Sport has a spare tire(not sure if that is a Canadian thing though because I have seen reports of the goop), Camera button is above the cd slot on the '15 but not sure if any changes happen with Sync 3 install.
  12. luminator

    sport mode

    IF you are conscious of it you can use the paddles to force it to 6th but it will not shit there on its own.
  13. luminator

    sport mode

    IF you will be holding speed for a long period of time(highway) you will hurt your gas mileage as it will not shift to 6th in sport unless you use the paddles to do so.
  14. luminator

    Sport Seat Comfort

    I am 6'5" and 290lbs and the only complaint I have about the 15 sport seats is the short seat cushion but that works as a compromise as my 5'5" 130lbs spouse loves it.