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Just traded in the 2011 Edge


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Well today me and the wife traded our 2011 Edge in for a 2011 Lexus RX350 AWD loaded.


The Edge was a nice looking SUV, but it was not really loved in the household.


So we took the advantage of the Edge low miles(only 30k) and traded it for a low mileage Lexus RX350 with 60k miles.


So far me the wife are happier with the smoother,quiet, and more comfortable ride of the Lexus compared to the Edge.


However, the Edge does have a sportier look in and out compared to the boring looking Lexus.


But the Lexus is the more refined SUV overall as expected even with more miles.


It has been fun here and I have learned a lot from you guys about the Edge, so thank you and happy holidays.


I will post a few pics of the new car later.

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Thank you.


We kept the black theme going with our cars. :)


Here is our new baby.


It is loaded with nearly all the options including a few(HID,power-lift gate,cooled seats,and navigation) that was not included on the Edge we tried to settled without.


The Lexus RX is bit plain looking for my taste, but it is growing on me the more i look at it.


The Edge did have a nicer entertainment system and cluster.


However, the Lexus have the features that my family wants including a lockable AWD system which I incorrectly thought the Ford had as well.


I really do like how the Ford Edge looks compared to the Lexus, but I can not argue substance over appearance.


Before anyone thinks that I am bashing Ford I am not, I am just used to certain makes of cars but I gave Ford a chance anyway like I have with KIA.


However, the Edge just not my type of car in terms of build quality and comfort.


As it stands Ford actually can learn a lot from KIA.







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