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New to the Edge. in love with it.


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I drove one in 2012 and didn't like it. Last Friday I drove a 2016 at the motor trend car show. We ended up going to the dealer and test driving a 2015 SE. I decided to just buy it. I really like it much more refined in the Gen 2.


SE 2.0 EcoBoost Magnetic AWD

Only added the roof rails, cargo accessory package, also the rear inflatable Seat Belts.

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Thanks, Yea its really Fantastic, much better them my 2012 Rav V6 AWD, Which I traded my Audi S4 for. Kids you know they make everything better. I wasn't sure I wanted to go back to a i4, but Was super surprised at the 2.0 Eco that thing gets up and goes. Drove it to California from LV on the second day and it was so smooth I fell in love its quiet like really quite and no problems in traffic and up and down hills. The drive is of a different quality then I am used to from Ford.



Some things that should just be standard that Ford really dropped the ball on:

LED rear Light bar--just the rear standard the front signature lights should be an option for sure.

Hands-free liftgate

Reverse Sensing System

Heated power mirrors with security approach lamps and LED signal indicators

Intelligent Access with Push Button Start - I have Half of this Option which is frustrating

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps with auto high beams

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i like the new look I didn't care much for the Gen1 it rides pretty close to My Audi so much quieter then then last three SUVs I have had 2009 Honda CRV AWD (didn't even make a payment when I was hit at a red light), 2009 Tiguan 4motion, 2012 Rav4 V6 AWD.


I will tint it most likely in a few months summer here is brutal, I have a tint guy will do Nano all the ware around and clear on the windshield very little heat enters the car.


Yea everyone gets the projector lights and its an option for the titanium and standard on the sport


I had Nav on my Audi and in 4 years used it once. So i opted out. it does have Sync, rear inflatable seatbelt, roof rack and the standard I rarely listen to the radio or a CD, I stream everything so it has the media center with Aux and USB but also BT to auto connect - which is what I wanted, would be nice to have a SD card slot but thats optional, I can use a 128GB USB with its fine.

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