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Administrator Key Missing; Only 1 Key


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I just bout a 2013 Edge SEL and dealer only had one key and its not an Admin key. Is there a way to obtain an admin key w/out going to dealer? I have read in other posts how to create a new 'second' key using EBay blanks but it sounds like you need two keys to do so? And if you don't have and admin key you can't create a second one? Its confusing...help!

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Not confusing at all. If you only have one key you can't program new ones - only the dealer can and that's for security reasons. If that was possible then a valet or mechanic could take your one key and make a copy.


The dealer can wipe out the old keys and add the one new one back as an admin key but if you're going to do that you might as well get a second key and get both programmed at the same time.

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I talked to two dealerships fairly close to me (25mi) and they both charge $230 for a key and to program it. Called a locksmith and he will charge me $85 for the key and to program it; amazing. Thank you Omar302 for the suggestion of a locksmith. Dealer prices are outrageous!


Update: Just finished with locksmith and now I have two keys fully programmed. He also provided the master code for the door's keypad and showed me how to set my own code. He cleared the old one and allowed me to enter my own. Great service for $85 (I tipped him $15 - cheap at that price).

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