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Previous Tests:

So after dave80 told me K&N Filters for the car are on sale during Black Friday ($37 plus $10 rebate), I decided to get one and see if there is any difference in performance.

Testing was done from 30-60 and 40-80 very most consistent results since I most likely couldn't do the same exact launch every single time for 0-60. (Plus there was a small amount of moisture on the road)

Le Filter ->V9r3xPX.jpg?1

Le Testing results -> 98dCqXi.png

Test Notes:
- Can't really feel any difference by the seat of my pants (didn't expect to)
- MPG seem to be up slightly (yay)
- Seems that it does make the car slightly quicker
- Based on testing, the filter is good for a tenth or so in the 1/4 mile or longer roll runs.
- Based on 40-80, it seems that the K&N car is 10 feet in front at 80 mph which is roughly 1/2 car, not bad.

Will most likely retest a 0-60 to see if there is any difference when it dries up a bit.

Thanks guys.

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any difference in sound? Majority of the reason people get intakes since performance is so small in most applications. I'd be curious to see the results of Vaccar's setup. I'd imagine it's bringing in some pretty hot engine air though.


I didn't notice any difference in sound. Didn't really expect to since it is just a filter, I am sure a full intake set up would.

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