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intro post, as is tradition


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just got an 07 Edge SEL AWD, traded my 07 GTI, with a few more miles, for it. didn't want a new car at first, but its growing on me...slowly. had to get something bigger, have a 2 year old and 3 month old. one kid wasn't bad in the GTI, but 2 was a pain.


so far its ok. just very basic. no nav/heated mirrors/xeon headlights/auto-up windows/bluetooth/acceleration lol.

but i have a Pioneer double din head unit coming that should remedy most of those issues.


i usually do all my own work on my vehicles, unless they're under warranty. (even then sometimes, cant trust the dealers!)

plan on getting a VCM cable to help with diagnostics and maybe to tune up the ECU a lil bit hopefully gain some fuel economy.

btw, are these wideband ecu's?? closed loop?



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Welcome, traditional friend ;), glad to have ya & your '07 here! The O2's are still narrowband on the 2007, they have been using widebands on the Ecoboost engines though for sure. It takes under a minute for these NA engines to go into closed loop (55F ambient, all 4 sensors returning data), from my experience. The EB engines (GTDI) go into closed loop almost immediately.


No acceleration??? Real gas saver, huh?

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i'm a money saver!! lol

narrowband will make it harder to increase efficiency by just leaning out cruise/part throttle and idle. but i have a innovate lc-1 wideband controller i can use to tune with. i think i read somewhere that they are knock controlled too?


wish i had the ecoboost option, would be pretty easy to add a decent amount of power and torque, all while keeping good fuel mileage, if you can keep your foot out of it. im guessing they are bosch med17 ecu's because the new turbo mustangs are. i got to see one up close because my uncle works at ford, and sometimes he gets to take cars for the weekend. the new mustang he brought on a friday was built the day before i think.


anyway, i have a touch screen pioneer on the way, should make my commute a little more fun while providing entertainment for the kids on longer trips. plus it looks a lot better then the stock radio in there now!

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