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Headlight Condensation

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Has anyone experienced this? I have the sport with the projector headlights. We got home this afternoon and after we pulled into the garage I noteiced the buildup in the front headlights. It is not a lot but it was enough to be noticeable. I assume I will probably get the same response from ford as we did for the taillights - condensation can happen as long as it is not large droplets they won't do anything as they are not sealed..



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I can manually recreate this myself while washing my car though it generally evaporates as quickly as made it happen too

This was after a trip and not after a wash. I've seen the rears do this after a wash but never the front.


The troubling aspect for me is that the condensate will at some point leave accumulating "water spots" (from dissolved road dust and / or hard water) that will be impossible to remove.

I agree with this....From my previous thoughts when I would see condensation on headlights or taillights it meant they were cheap or old. I hope this doesn't lead to buildup on the inside.

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80 degrees and rain everyday. Im pretty sure mine are fogging up daily. I have only caught it on its own twice. Though I recreate it everytime I wash my car in the afternoon.


I also foresee a lot of taillight issues popping up when some of these colder climates get warmer weather.

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