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No sound coming out of speakers

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Sometimes I start the car and no sound comes out the speakers. I can tell everything is working, such as bluetooth, radio, ipod, just no sound. I can go 15/20 minutes, turn the car off, restart, and will back to normal. Very strange. I thought at one time it was only happening when it was very cold outside, But, it did it for the first time above 50 degrees yesterday.

2014 Edge, Limited

Anyone have similar experience? Any solution?






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This has been reported quite a few times in the past across many ford models with MFT.


Is the car cold or hot (outside temp) when this happens?


Some claim a master reset fixed it (did you try that?), others claim a system update fixed it (which doesn't help if you are already on 3.8), others required an ACM (Audio Control Module) replacement.


Easiest fix seems to be to cycle the ignition off and then back on.


I haven't come across any permanent fixes.

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mine shut off and wouldn't turn back on while listening to the radio. Ended up pulling the #29 fuse out (fuse for My Ford) and leaving it out over 30 min to make the system reset itself. Now it turns back on and works. Could be an error in the computer needing reset. I have a 2011 Edge SEL

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I also have a 14 edge limited and it happened again Saturday morning at 5°F so it is definitely a temp thing. Still, should not be happening. I took the whole fuse plug and unplugged it,plugged it back in and I was back in action. Happened again yesterday at 12° F and drove 23 miles turned the car off and back on (temp was then 25°F ) and still no sound coming from the speakers. Unplugged the fuse box again and when I plugged it back in everything was fully functional.


Taking it in for service Thurs and I hope they don't tell me that repairs are not covered under my extended warranty.


I hope that this is fixable because it cannot be good for the car to keep unplugging the fuse!

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I have the same problem 2015 ford edge sport no sound coming from speakers replaced the acm still no sound also when turning vol knob it doesn't move accurately on dps i tried the steering control and it does the samething im starting to think its the amplifier and help?

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Put the car in accessory mode, radio will turn on, no CD in radio, press AND HOLD the "eject" button and while holding press and hold the right seek button. Radio will enter the "all around speaker mode". Be ready for the speakers to start blaring out tones. (This will tell you if the radio and amplifier is working.)


But in lieu of this, you could try a soft reset. Settings->General->scroll all the way down until you see "Reset". (Make certain you disconnect any USB devices.)


This resets the ACM (radio) back to factory defaults and you will lose all of your personal settings. (You will have to pair your phone again.) But it may restore your sound.


If this doesn't work, try resitting the Sync system by pulling the Sync fuse. Think it's #32 in your car. (10A.) Keep out for a few minutes. This allows to module to discharge and reset. (Basically it drains the capacity parts.)


While you're down there, transversing through the Forbidden Forest of of her nether regions, check fuse #28. It's for the amplifier; only thing on that fuse. (20A.)

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