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First impressions


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Good afternoon,


I stopped at a Ford dealer here in New England this morning to look at the Edge. I'm considering replacing my current Explorer with an Edge. BTW, my second Explorer and it's a great vehicle.


First, to the Ford employees. WOW! You guys did a great job.


Second, I didn't drive the car. but opened and closed doors, looked under the chassis, etc. The car looks well built. The rear seats fold flat which a lot of competitors fail to do. Lots of space behind the rear seat. The car's very solid and no tinny sound when you slam a door.


Third, a couple of disappointments. I'd like a sun roof, but I transport kayaks. So, I either move on or buy the Edge, but the Edge's at the top of a very short list. One other point, the antenna's smack dab in the center of the roof at the rear. No adjustment to the antenna to lay it down when I transport kayaks. Designers, they need a real world education.


One question for you guys, who makes the navigation system because I'd like read up on it's features? For example, when you approach an exit ramp what type of warning do you recieve? Voice activation or just a flashing arrow? If voice, name of the exit or just turn right? Can I enter GPS coordinates? What about creating waypoints or using breadcrumbs? I ask because the GPS devices I use in my kayaks I can create waypoints, look at breadcrumbs, enter coordinates, etc. I'm just trying to find out whether or the nav system's worth the xtra bucks.


If I decide on the Edge I need to wait until some of the accessory manufacturers start producing a rubber cargo mats for the cargo area to keep the area clean. Also, need to wait until Thule or Yakima start selling racks. Yes, I can get the Edge with a roof rail, but I still add a rack so I can adjust where the boats ride.


Fighting the new car smell




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As for the Edge's Navigation. You can set it to voice or on-the-screen graphics. In the voice mode, when you are approaching a turn, a double ding will occur (just like on Mulally's Boeings :) ). When you get real close to the turn, a voice will prompt you to turn now.


I'd expect Ford and other after market companies to start bringing out items soon.

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Perhaps the antenna simply unscrews? A boat wouldn't fit to either side anyway?


Seriously, kayaks will not fit on either side of the rack? The antenna is centered and Kayaks have a <> shape so I don't know why you couldn't just off center the Kayak if you are only transporting one. If you are transporting two then I would just put the Kayaks in on either side of the Antenna.


Besides, according to that Lincoln commercial you can fit an adult, teenager and two smaller kids and 4 surf boards in the MKX... :) So, you shouldn't have any problems stuffing the Kayaks in the vehicle... (NOT)


Haa haa...



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I own two kayaks, one 16 feet long 28 inch beam and the other, 18 feet 3 inches long with a 21.25 inch beam. The best way to transport the 16 footer is deck down on the roof rack. You want to transport the boat inside the roof rails for safety reasons. Trust me, I don't want a boat coming off my roof hitting a car load of kids and parents. Also, I'm aware you can purchase "J" racks for transporting boats, but ever try to load and unload a boat from a J rack; not easy by yourself.



The antenna's in the way. I looked at the antenna's mast and doubt you can unscrew it. However, next time in the dealership for a look I may try to remove the antenna mast.

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How ironic, I just gave an impromptu lesson on the nav system to some dealer employees in an Edge this week. Breadcrumbing is available. Voice commands are standard. Yes, the double ding comes on in advance and the system will say "Turn right in .6 miles" Ding ding, "turn right in .2 miles." Ding ding "Turn right onto Main Street." Ding ding. "Proceed 8.2 miles." I didn't know Pioneer makes the system, but it makes sense they do make the CD6 unit. I know Navteq is the software provider. Their directions are pretty good, I've only found a few errors, but mainly it was with roads that undergone some recent construction and have been rerouted or moved completely, etc. I love it. Not sure about coordinates, but you can do freeway intersections, yellow page phone numbers, there's an emergency buttont that'll get show you a hospital or police station, good for if you get into a road rage situation. A quickroute to the "station" will get the raging asshole of you quickly!

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I got a Garmin 350 Nuvi GPS and it is far superior to the Nav system on any production vehicle. Heck this little thing will even play MP3 and do language translations for you. It is about the size of a deck of playing cards.


I can move it between all of the cars my wife an I own or carry it with my on trips that require me to fly and rent a car. It will even find resturants based on typ of food or by name and give you reviews of the resturants in the area. It only cost $350.00


Somthing to think about. Especially if you air travel and rent cars a lot.....

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What is "breadcrumbing"? I have it (the GPS Unit) but have never activated the breadcrumbing.





I have aftermarket Roadmates (I have two) and I find that the only thing the factory Navi unit does not do that the Roadmates do is that the factory unit does not give me the "Altitude". (Don't give me the speed either, but thats why the car has a speedometer :D )

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