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Need Antenna Help

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I just ordered a new 2007 Edge, I love everything about the car except for the antenna placement and style that long whip style antenna in the front of the roof above the windshield.


Does anyone know of a site where I can just buy one of those small 4-5 inch hard antennas to screw on instead ?



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Here's another link - http://www.eautoworks.com/html/ord-Auto~ac...nna-1-33170.htm


I spent a few minutes looking for a good antenna site, but so far, the best is above. Also, if you decide to replace the entire antenna assembly, Crutchfield has a link with photos and describes using a string as a snake to fish the new antenna cable back down and around, etc. I'd upgrade to a wire instead of string. Hmmmm, I'm still certain I'd do this because of possible clips holding the cable..

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to resurrect this topic - as I love the idea of bobbing this antenna as I NEVER listen to AM/FM radio given I have Satellite and/or iPod so do not really care if it was there but need something of course....


I understand the GPS antenna is in the dash and the Satellite antenna is on the rear spoiler, so am I assuming correct that the front antenna is nothing but AM/FM radio so swapping it would only affect radio reception?... can anyone confirm that the front mounted antenna is purely just for the AM/FM radio? confirmed this to be true from dealer


last, can anyone confirm the screw size of that antenna into the base (5mm/10-32 or 6mm)?


UPDATE: I just ordered a black aluminum stubby antenna today to give this a whirl and see what comes of it. I ordered a 2.4" antenna (yes, I know the reception will likely suffer, but I truly couldn't care less). The stock antenna is a flexible 11.5" and that 2.4" is about as short as it goes - I did find one about 2" but didn't like design.


UPDATE 2: I did this.. should stop the antenna from interfering with any rack, it it is cheap mod to do: see here



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"...last, can anyone confirm the screw size of that antenna into the base (5mm/10-32 or 6mm)?"


Lex, funny U should ask. Here's U'r answer one year (& I mean one year) later. Thread is metric 5-.8. Just did a short (3 1/2") homemade retro "Rubber Ducky."


Some might call me cheap; I prefer frugal. Besides, when U'r retired, U have time to tinker. I stumbled onto U'r post while Googling "ford antenna thread size." My F-150 has a proprietary (fancy word that means different than the way everyone else does it):lol: thread that I'm trying to run down. Small world.


Just went back thru this thread & realized that when Ua'll remove mast U'r stud remains in base, whereas mine remains in mast. That could change thread size we're dealing with. I've noticed antennas often come with several studs to accommodate different car brands. One end of each stud screws into mast leaving a different thread size on other end to screw into mount/base on car.

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