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aftermarket parts...feedback?


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hello, I have a 2014 SEL 3.5L and although there is a lot about the car that I like, I do find that the engine is not super responsive...slow to respond etc... I have plans to add some bolt-on parts ( cold air intake, cat-back exhaust ) to help it breathe better but I am curious if anyone has found a good performance tuner or something? I drive in Sport mode all the time because otherwise it feels like I'm driving a turbo with bad turbo lag, haha....I know the motor is supposed to put out decent HP but it doesn't feel like it gets to the wheels. I would prefer to avoid doing much physical modification to the engine ( haven't even looked into what's out there ) but I noticed a thread about an SCT tuner and a tuner guy in the US that people recommend...didn't see much else about plug-in tuners, maybe I missed a thread somewhere? I'm not very concerned about fuel economy, personally, so it would be strictly a performance upgrade I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated!

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