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PTU Fluid Type is extremely important


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The type of fluid is an absolutely necessity to pay close attention to. We had a service Friday and flush trans and PTU fluid. On the way to work this morning dad (Snmjim) did a hard pull on to the highway and immediately after started to experience a very loud whine and an occasional clunky/chunky feeling. Having explained to him what a ptu failure feels like he turned around and went to ford. They put it up on the rack and pulled the drain plug, the wrong color fluid came out (confirming incorrect fluid) along with metal shaving and chunks.


They are replacing it under warranty, and till its replaced our R&D Pace will be slowed for a bit.


Sorry in advance,


Special_K & Snmjim

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So you are saying the Ford dealer used the wrong fluid?? Not much a customer can do about that while sitting in the waiting room... at least they fixed it (free). Still makes you wonder about them. Hope it wasn’t their “Quick Lube” guys that changed it, they maybe aren’t ASE certified... just oil change techs.

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