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Engine Coolant Temperature

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My wife is having some issues with her 2014 Edge. Four times now she has gotten a warning of " Engine Coolant Overheating". When it does this the temperature gauge quits working and the A/C will not blow cold air.We took it to one of the local Ford dealerships to get this checked out and to get the vehicle's 50,000 mile service,which included a cooling system flush and fill. They could not find anything wrong ,as it did not trip any codes. We picked it up Tuesday afternoon after them working on it for a day and a half. She called me on her way home from work this evening and said the warning came up again, "Engine Coolant Overheating". Has anyone here experienced this or seen this before? One thing I failed to mention is that when this warning comes up,she can shut the vehicle off, then re-start it, and everything then works as it should.

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How have ambient temps been where you are? How many miles on the Edge? is it at 50K? Assuming you have a 3.5 or 3.7 for my response below.


Radiator fans and/or coolant pump would be top suspects. Possibly faulty data from the CHT (cylinder head temperature) sensor, usually due to pests chewing up the sensor wiring. CHT is used to infer coolant temperature, there is no separate sensor for it. A stuck thermostat is very rare.


So A] check coolant for oil and oil for coolant, just to be on the safe side. B] Verify that there is no coolant leak from the weephole. C] verify that the second fan comes on when A/C is activated and that both fans are not running all the time.


Have not heard of a coolant gauge issue being software related, but maybe look into a PCM/IPC calibration update if physically everything checks out.

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The car has about 53,000 miles on it . It did this a few times,3 or 4, while on her way home from work. So far this year we've only had a couple of days where the outside temps were above 70 degrees and on those warmer days is when it occurred. As I said we took it in to the Ford dealer to have it checked out,that was on Monday. It was due for it's 50,000 mile service so they did that and changed the oil and filter . A cooling system flush and fill is one thing done during this 50,000 check-up. They kept the vehicle for almost 2 days and could not find anything,when it does this ,it does not trip a code,but you can shut it off and everything will re-set and be fine when you re-start it. This thing it's doing happened again on her way home from work yesterday and the outside temps were in the mid 50's. The engine in this thing sets sideways so it has an electric fan to cool the radiator and when she pulled into the drive the fan sounded like it was going to come apart it was working so hard.

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