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Catalytic Converter Replacement


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So I need thoughts on Catalytic Converter Replacement. Im having the engine replaced and my guy is recommending replacing both converters that come right off the exhaust manifolds. He states that they are basically clogged. Ive seen them and yes they look dirty inside and you can barely be seen through. A pinhole almost. At least that what it looks like. But I am not a certified mechanic so I cant say for sure.


Ill will say I have a good feeling about this guy and I dont think hes trying to screw me. Hes been recommended from a friend as well, He said he would throw the old ones back on but hes got me worried now. Id like to just have him do it because they are RIGHT THERE and can be installed very easily. Hes claiming it is quite a job to do if the engine and sub frame are back in the Edge Hes quoting 450.00 a piece for the converters and obviously free labor because he is going to have to install them anyway.


2007 3.5. Old engine had 120k on it


Anyways just looking for thoughts. Ive looked on line and have found them cheaper but he is not really hip to me bringing him parts to install which I totally understand.


Thanks in advance



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Engine is being replaced due to water pump failure, IIRC. Cats don't die that easy on our Edge/MKX vehicles. BUT if it is within the budget, why not get a fresh start. Cats & O2 sensors.


Well Im not gonna say within budget but Im gonna do it.


What is the deal with the cheap ones on line compared to the speedy ones? Ive seen them from around 120.00 to plus 700.00.

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Cats - you do get what you pay for. In many cases, the cheap ones will rust or fail altogether. Good luck getting warranty replacements too. Not worth the hassle. IDK what used cats go for, but you will want to hang on to them for resale/recycling rather than trash them.

Yeah I guess I can get cash for them right? I had one stolen off of our 2000 Toyota 4 Runner a few years back.

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