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Two different articles I read said Ford is working on a hybrid for the F150, Escape, Explorer, Ecosport, and Mustang. There was NO mention of Ford working on a hybrid Edge. Is Ford going to drop the Edge and not redesign it when this gen gets up in years?

Will the Edge be replaced by the Bronco? Will the new unannounced SUV they are planning be a mashup of the Fusion and the Edge?

Maybe that will be the Fusion Active. Recently the news said there will be no more Ford Focus at all in North America. For the Focus the very sporty RS trim came at the end of this current gen to keep up the excitement. Maybe the Edge ST being released now is a sign the end is near.

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Edge continues with a hybrid option, probably for the 2021 model year give or take. There are conflicting reports as to whether Edge stays on the FWD platform or moves to the RWD platform, but either way it will have a hybrid model and maybe a plug in hybrid. Ford has already said everything except commercial vehicles will get at least a hybrid model.

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