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P1450 code. Possible fix? Help please

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Hey everyone, we have a 2015 edge 2.0. Last week wife said she heard a noise lasted 20 seconds or so coming from rear of vehicle, day letter we got a check engine light, she didnt tell me till it cleared. I scanned it with scanner and got p1450, just today she heard the noise again and the check engine light came on again. Found this video on youtube 

This video describe my issue to a t. Is this common? Makes sense?



The part number in the video is wrong for my edge but I have found 

Ford Part No.: F2GZ-9D289-A

Tube Assembly - Fuel Vapour Separator


is this the right part ? Will this solve my problem


thanks everyone 


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I ordered the part. ford wanted 900$ to install it. I did it myself, took less then a hour to pull old one and about a hour to put in the new one. bottom connection was the worst. really tight fit. no more check engine light. seems to be working ok for the past 19 days. Did a 1000km road trip plus in town.


lets see how it works!

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