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  1. mvan231

    Battery issues

    I am having a similar issue on my 2016. It seems to be the worst when it has sat overnight or for at least 8 to 10 hours. I am going to get a battery test done and see what happens with the results
  2. I believe there are just plastic clips that hold those in place. I'ts not the best solution though
  3. You could have a pending code that hasn't met all the criteria to set the DTC to present. If it was something like a starter or alternator, you may not see a code at all
  4. mvan231

    Towing ford edge

    Further, you may need a special harness to keep the battery charged in the Edge from the vehicle towing it
  5. mvan231

    3500 lbs towing

    Definitely agree that it's probably over the limit of a safe towing capacity with that configuration. Even if the 4 cylinder engines of today make similar power to previous generations of 6 cylinder
  6. mvan231

    3500 lbs towing

    I'm also curious about this. My setup doesn't have factory tow package
  7. mvan231

    ROOF LEAK from antenna?

    hopefully you find the leak path. Maybe there is a spot to seal it off. Those controls shouldnt touch the outside though. Maybe there is somewhere else it is leaking into the roof then it's coming through there to get into the passenger compartment?
  8. mvan231

    Towing RV?

    I'm also curious about this. The info I find is a max of 3,500 lbs for towing capacity if properly equipped
  9. When I drilled out the rivets that were holding on the bracket on mine, I just left the two holes as is. My Edge is black so it looks fine with two small holes there
  10. mvan231

    ROOF LEAK from antenna?

    I have heard of others having antenna leaks, but not sure how they found it. The sunroof/moonroof control area is a different location though. Is the sunroof/moonroof itself the part that is leaking?
  11. mvan231

    Door weatherstrpipping doesn't hold well

    Great find!
  12. mvan231

    ROOF LEAK from antenna?

    I haven't experienced this yet, how did you determine it was a leak coming from there? What symptoms were you having to lead you looking there?
  13. mvan231

    Door weatherstrpipping doesn't hold well

    This is good to keep in mind. Thanks a bunch!
  14. mvan231

    center caps

    That would certainly look great! Looks like they have some on ebay as Gadgetjq mentioned.
  15. Furthermore, do you have any film or scratching on the headlight lens? That can sometimes divert the light beams and cause issues or just plain block the light from getting out