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    Need Help with Purge Valve PN 2015 2.0

    This is great news! Of course you still need to buy the entire octopus of hoses and valve but at least you don't need to absolutely make the effort to take all of the hoses out this way. Glad to know you had a decent experience replacing this and I'll be ordering the part soon so I can take care of this on our car soon. I hope that Ford is addressing this in their current or future models.
  2. mvan231

    Need Help with Purge Valve PN 2015 2.0

    I'm just getting back into this subject but I am also facing the same troubles now on my 2016 Edge with 2.0L. I think I'll be doing this replacement as well and I agree it's a pain that there is so few resources to get this part for replacement other than from Ford directly. I'm glad to know you were able to just replace the valve and carry on. I'll be looking into doing exactly this to save on costs and overall headache.
  3. mvan231

    P1450 code. Possible fix? Help please

    Hi There! Thanks for the great info! Did you happen to order this from your local dealer directly or did you find it online somewhere?
  4. I used to do that as well on my Fusion since it didn't have CarPlay. I enjoy the option to have Nav with CarPlay vs AppLink
  5. Nice! Good idea! I'll keep this in mind when mine inevitably goes bad too
  6. mvan231

    Map update

    Ouch! Yeah I wouldn't do it either. Minimal benefit for the cost
  7. mvan231

    Hands free lift gate issue 2019

    Not true on my 2016. I just have to stick my foot near the bumper and it'll start on
  8. mvan231

    Backing up, very noisy

    Did you figure out the problem?
  9. mvan231

    2017 ford edge wind noise

    I had a similar issue on my 2013 Fusion previously and the issue was due to the weather stripping at the front small window. Different design, but it could be a similar issue. Somewhere the wind is getting caught
  10. mvan231

    Power Steering Leak

    Best to check the NHTSA site for recalls. what year is your edge?
  11. That was going o be my suggestion as well
  12. mvan231

    Map update

    Blows my mind that they charge that much for map updates still when so many other services offer mapping/updates for free
  13. mvan231

    My Touch or Sync

  14. Applink support is ending, but still works for now. I used to use it before upgrading my USB module to a CarPlay compatible version. I found that the applink worked decent, but still a bit laggy compared to CarPlay Do you just use your phone and text over Bluetooth?
  15. mvan231

    Backup camera wiring ?.

    You could probably tap into the relay or the fuse for the reverse lamps. Looks like fuse 15 in the passenger compartment fuse panel.
  16. You can also use Waze without using CarPlay if you want to use that feature. it just comes up through the AppLink service on the bottom of the screen. It doesn't work as nicely as CarPlay does, but its at least an option
  17. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for the great info!
  18. I had this same issue on my fusion when I had it. The self sealing fuel door was sounding like it was farting or vibrating because of the bad valve. Glad to know it's a similar issue here. The one for my fusion came with the tubes attached. This was the part I replaced on my fusion https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,2013,fusion,2.0l+l4+turbocharged,2002842,exhaust+&+emission,vapor+canister+purge+valve+/+solenoid,4936 looks like they have a different listing for the different engine types of the 2015 Edge. Not sure why but the 2.7L looks most similar to what i had to replace on my 2013 Fusion 2.0. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,2015,edge,2.7l+v6+turbocharged,3310415,exhaust+&+emission,vapor+canister+purge+valve+/+solenoid,4936
  19. mvan231

    Battery issues

    I am having a similar issue on my 2016. It seems to be the worst when it has sat overnight or for at least 8 to 10 hours. I am going to get a battery test done and see what happens with the results
  20. I believe there are just plastic clips that hold those in place. I'ts not the best solution though
  21. You could have a pending code that hasn't met all the criteria to set the DTC to present. If it was something like a starter or alternator, you may not see a code at all
  22. mvan231

    Towing ford edge

    Further, you may need a special harness to keep the battery charged in the Edge from the vehicle towing it
  23. mvan231

    3500 lbs towing

    Definitely agree that it's probably over the limit of a safe towing capacity with that configuration. Even if the 4 cylinder engines of today make similar power to previous generations of 6 cylinder
  24. mvan231

    3500 lbs towing

    I'm also curious about this. My setup doesn't have factory tow package