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Brake Fluid Low warning light

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I have a 2013 Edge SEL. Recently my brake  fluid low light started coming on...I checked my fluid and it is fine. Every morning that I go to work, that light comes on...it has happened for the past two weeks but it goes off. It only happens in the morning. The warning will come on and I hit ok and the brake light will flicker on the bottom of the screen for a few miles up the road and then that will go off. When I get done at work at the end of the day this light does not come on...only first thing in the morning. My husband just checked all my brake pads and there is at least 50% left. Any advice?

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The brake warning indicator alerts if any of the following brake system conditions are present (1) parking brake is set (2) brake fluid level is low (3) the ABS module detects a Electronic Brake Distribution failure. As you had already checked the break fluid level, the next reasonable guess is either the parking break is not quite off or the ABS system is having a fit. (Should the instrument cluster loose communication with the ABS module the instrument cluster turns on the brake warning indicator). 


The first thing to try is to pull the codes which will pinpoint which circuit the fault is coming from.

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