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Transmission Failure

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I have a 2013 Ford Edge with Ecoboost Engine. My transmission has failed twice this year alone. For each time it failed, I drove it for 4 month between the time it failed and the time it was fixed. Recently, I got a transmission from a scrapped Edge with low millage and fixed it on my vehicle.


Upon fixing the transmission, during the first test drive, the spanner sign came on again and the vehicle started accelerating reluctantly. This was the issues the initial transmission was exhibiting before we decided to change it.


Would appreciate any insight on these and possible solution on this persistent transmission failure.


I trust I would get the solution on this forum.



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First, we need to know the symptoms that led you to believe that the transmission had failed.  Including any codes set in the PCM.


Second, please provide details on maintenance to the engine and transmission prior to the first and second failures.


The PCM controls transmission shift behavior, so if the engine is not running right, it will affect transmission shifting.


The transmission is electrically controlled, so failure in sensors could easily cause transmission problems.  But since transmission replacement did not fix it, I do not believe the issue is the transmission.


These 6Fxx transmissions LOVE new fluid, you will want to change frequently to keep them running correctly.  Since you are in a tropical zone, severe/special operating conditions apply.  Every 3 years/50K kms on the outside.

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