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Electronics & LCD displays

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If you've ever had any trouble with your displays or electronics , please let me know! My `16 Edge sport awd that I just purchased Saturday is light years ahead in technology compared

to my  '06 F150.


Thanks in advance for you 2 cents worth  


Cheers,  Russ

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There are very few posts about electronic gremlins, especially with the Gen2 Edge. The most frequently mentioned issue is probably connecting phones to the Sync system and getting Carplay or Android Auto to work consistently. 


Check to be sure your system has been updated to the latest version available from Ford (3).  If not, register the Edge with Ford's website then click 'Owner' in the top navigation bar then click 'Sync Updates.'  You'll get a page letting you know if there's an update available.  If there is, follow the instructions on the download page to do the installation.  You might also have a build update available. 

As you cruise through this and other Edge groups/forums you'll see there are other (later) builds available too.  Those require side loading which can get messy and is a whole different thread.

BTW, congrats on the new Edge!  And a suggestion, change all of the fluids, especially transmission fluid and Power Transfer Unit (PTU) and Rear Differential Unit (RDU) lubricants.  Your dealer will tell you the last two are lubed for life.....they aren't. 


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I surmised by the lack of response that this was a non issue.  I'm relieved to hear nothing so far.  My Edge is being delivered by an out of town dealer this Thursday. Thanks for the info. & recommendations,,,,,,,, much appreciated !




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