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Question on Blue Screen Of Death - Cooling Seats

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I have read where some of you have had the display go out and always thought I was glad mine didn't have the issue...well it took over a year of ownership but it happened on my last trip.  Simple fix power and seek button and it rebooted the system and been working ever sense.  Question is do I take it to ford is there a real fix or just do the reboot when it happens? 


Also I have read posts before about this but wanted to see if an update.  I have the heated and cooled seats, as most of you know only the seat cools and not the back of the seat.  Is this how it is suppose to be for the Edge ST or is there a fix for this yet from the dealer.  I know there is the Sock fix you can do but after spending this much money on the car would rather it be right from FORD unless there is no fix for this?


Thanks all

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