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So I had a wheel with a slow leak

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Two tires had slow leak so I had them pull the tires, sand the rims and glue them back on. Still had a slow leak on drivers rear (about 2 psi/ day). 


So I bought new tires (wanted quieter and smoother tires and used this to justify the cost). Made certain they used stop leak (glued them on). Still had a slow leak on drivers rear. (Smile).


So it has to be the wheel (20", first gen chrome). I hit a curb, (hey, who in the hell though it was a good idea to put a curb in the middle of a parking lot? (Nice thing is I called Lincoln and they sent a tow truck out to change my tire. In the pouring rain. No charge. 2009 MKX). 


So the dealer quoted me $700. (Of course that's an opening quote). Got them down to $350. So I ordered a new one and waited a week. After the had the wheel off and the tire demounted, did they notice that they ordered an 18" rim. (Again, I have 20" rims. Service manager ran my VIN and factory was 18".) Never thought to check the car. (Smile).


Waited two more weeks (not a big demand for the ol 20", 7-spoke chrome clad wheels. Special order).


So it came in last week and I ran down at 4pm. Zing, bank pop, and u have a new wheel. No more slow leak. Not so fast. I'm dealing with a Ford/Lincoln  dealer. (Heh)


So coming out of the dentist office yesterday,  I noticed a small yellow label on my drivers front wheel.


Ummmm says I, what be this? Ahhhh it's  my new wheel of course, they forgot to take the stick .... wait ..... they were supposed to replace the drivers rear, not the front. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh (Smile).


Hello? Ford service? Remember me (they do of course, were on a first name basis.)


So I tell the service manager and he faints. Gets up off the floor and says he'll call me back. He had to go back and search for the wheel they took off (otherwise he'll eat another $700 wheel). 


10 minutes later and he found it. Phew. (Dug it out if the trash most likely). Can you come in immediately and we'll  change it. Yup. But you're gonna have to eat the labor and cost of a new tire pressure strap. "Yup, no cost to you." (Smile).


So I take it in and am sitting in the waiting room. Another guy brought his Escape for poor performance.  About a half hour later the service manager came in and told him the found the problem. His Mass Air Flow sensor is "not sending the right information. We have one in stock. Should be around $400 installed. Sound ok"? Guy says "ahhh yea, absolutely, is that all it is". "Yup". And the service manager left. 


I had to admire the service manager for his technique. Smooth and the customer was happy as hell they found the problem. So I bit my tounge and waited patiently for my new wheel. (Smile).


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