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High Oil Pressure 90-100 psi ! Help...


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I have a 2010 Edge SEL and last week the front side valve train got very noisy . (Sounds like an older car with a collapsed lifter)


Changed oil and filter. No luck. Removed Oil low pressure sensor and installed an oil gauge. I am reading 90-100 psi !!! 


Yikes. Is this an oil pump failure or something else ? 


Any suggestions welcomed. 


Thanks, Jeff

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mileage on your edge? oil change/coolant change history?


the test is 30 psi at 1500 rpm once engine is at NOT. what were your conditions?


but still, sounds too high.  was the engine low on oil?  any rattles on startup or thereafter? concerned about timing chain issues, as oil pump is chain driven.

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220K miles. Oil and coolant always good. The engine makes a noise which I can only describe as sounding like a collapsed hydraulic lifter ( even though this engine does not have hyd lifters) . I changed oil and filter immediately, but sound still there...

Tried to isolate with stethoscope and seems louder on upper front bank in the middle of valve cover ( not where VCT solenoid is).

I thought maybe LOW oil pressure so I installed a manual gauge in the oil pressure switch port and was very surprised by the high reading. Honestly i will not run the engine long enough to get up to Normal Op Temp as I am thinking it may do more damage.


I am close to diving into the front cover but don't want to miss anything much simpler as that looks to be a very complex job.


Thanks much for your reply.

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could certainly be a failed item in the DAMB system this motor uses, but would be highly unusual.


more likely it is a spark plug/coil/injector problem if it sounds specific to that cylinder.


do you work with scan tools?  although codes may not have set, you can check for misfire counts with an OBD adapter + software like Forscan Lite that runs on your smart device.  you can also check for timing errors to see if there is an issue there.

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