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Please help! - steam/white smoke was coming from under the hood

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I bought my 1st Ford a month ago. Bought 2007 Ford Edge. After driving it for 4 weeks, steam/white smoke was coming from under the hood just a little but not too bad. I took it to a shop & they told me the Catalytic Converter was bad. Went to pick it up, not fixed & guy said he believed it was not the Catalytic Converter. Took it somewhere else & had it plugged up to diagnostics machine. No codes came up. Guy there says “smells like oil burning” & he thought maybe the valve cover gaskets had gotten some moisture. Had it looked at again, had oil changed, guy said it was okay to drive it until he could “figure out” what it is. Oil looks good. Small oil leak, not pouring out but noticeable in driveway.  All fluids are good. It hasn’t used any coolant & it’s never registered as “hot” or “overheated” on gauge. Last week, smoke got much worse, smoke smell choked me to death. Today, smoke was real bad, engine lost power & it’s making a horrible loud noise. Just bought it & nobody seems to know what’s wrong with it. One guy said oil leaked right under throttle body on drivers side from what he could see. Looks wet… But he’s not sure what’s on that side.  Please help! Any advice? Any is appreciated. Thanks 

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Not having DIY skills is nothing to be ashamed of, but you should really consider paying a more reputable independent service shop, or the Ford Dealership.


This unqualified places could have cost you a new engine.

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Steam, white "smoke", no codes, first impression is leaking coolant. Look carefully over the engine for tell-tale signs. Look for wet. Check temp gauge.


Check coolant overflow container for coolant level. (If low, coolant is leaking somewhere). You may be able to see steam escaping with engine running.


Are fan(s) running with hot engine during idle? (Can always flip a/c on the max to force fans to come on). If fans not running, car will overheat during idle and low speeds. 


Feel top radiator hose and bottom radiator hose. (If bottom cool, suspect water pump. If top cool, suspect bad thermostat. Either can cause overheating).


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